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When traditional treatment therapies such as stretching, ice, pain medication, or cortisone shots have failed to provide sufficient relief, Interfyl might help the body’s natural ability to manage various soft tissue injuries.

Features exclusive to Interfyl

  • Can be used with acute injuries and/or chronic conditions
  • Intended for homologous use (does not contain amnion)
  • Ready to use with room temperature storage
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Contains only the key components of connective tissue matrix
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The flagship portfolio for AIM. Our understanding of the Regenerative Biologics landscape comes from a complete immersion in the industry for over a decade.

Our portfolio of options is being successfully used in the following industries:

Pain Medicine/Orthopedics

Wound Care

Functional/Integrative Medicine

Medical Aesthetics

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StimWave PNS and SCS

FDA Cleared novel neuromodulation technology for both Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy

No implantable battery/IPG – wearable, rechargeable battery using HF-EMC (High-Frequency Electromagnetic Coupling)

External transmitter fits into the wearable fabric while receiving therapy – no adhesives!

Full-body MRI conditional up to 3T

Freedom PNS has the waveforms and electrical capabilities of conventional SCS Systems: Adjustable polarities, current control, burst waveforms, and high frequency up to 1499 Hz

Level 1 data on both PNS and SCS; FDA on-label for the treatment of chronic pain on peripheral nerves (except craniofacial)

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HA Visco-Supplementation

GenVisc® 850 (Sodium Hyaluronate) from OrthoGenRX-The only 3,4, or 5 knee injection hyaluronic acid product produced from non-avian source material. FDA approved and reimbursed by Medicare Part B


Published in over 30 clinical studies

Over 50 million syringes distributed worldwide


Safe as saline placebo

Free of avian proteins – GenVisc® 850 is a bio-fermented product

Demonstrated safe for repeat injection cycles


Provides significant pain relief with results that last

Demonstrated improvement in total WOMAC index up to 30 weeks post first injection cycle

Medicare Product Reimbursement Details:

Reimbursement Code: J7320

Cost per Syringe: $158 with a reimbursement of $423 by Medicare Part B

Flexible Dosing: approved for 5 injections per patient, but some patients see a benefit in as few as 3 injections

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PRP and cBMA

As a long time partner of Isto Biologics, AIM is proud to represent the Magellan PRP and concentrated Bone Marrow prep system. This system has several significant benefits to an office or hospital OR:

Closed-loop processing (eliminating chance of contamination from manual fluid transfers during platelet concentration)

Highest platelet concentration in the most efficient blood draw size (14x in 60ml draw)

Disposable is FDA Cleared to be re-applied up to 3x on the same patient during the same procedure (up to 180ml blood draw)

Digital, programmable PRP volume output with optional Platelet Poor Plasma residual in separate syringe

Over 65 peer-reviewed journal articles and studies backing the safety and efficacy

Third-party independent University-level data proving the platelet concentration and repeatability.

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In-house Labs

Diagnosing and treating an illness quickly and efficiently has become a major challenge for any number of reasons. Delays in diagnostic lab results should not be one of them. Bringing your testing in-house can help eliminate these problems, while at the same time providing a new ancillary service with an income stream that is 2nd to none … Our team can help.

  • Significantly faster turn-around times for test results

  • Enhanced offerings in pre-plated set up

  • Excellent revenue source

  • Best plate-pricing available

  • Cross reference with your current provider for cost savings

Hands on consulting services that guide physicians through the process from conception, installation, validation, inspection, on-site training and continued support. We will provide our clients with ready to run, custom plated assays in convenient break away plates, which provides maximum flexibility at the point of care. We primarily supply physician office labs, but we also service reference, and hospital labs.

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Training, Communications and Marketing Services

Don't pioneer alone. We have the information and tools to educate your patients, train your staff, and inform you. We can provide everything you need- from custom web development to bespoke brochures and on-site staff training. We've got the latest learnings and protocols so you can do what you do best: care for your patients. Let us know how you'd like to improve your practice. We've got the tools and expertise to enable the results you're working to deliver.

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