What is Microlyte Matrix?

MicrolyteMatrix is a synthetic, multilayer graft which includes silver nanoparticles and provides a template to mimic the human extra cellular matrix.

A Unique Matrix

Wounds are messy and disorganized places, to the naked eye and on the microscopic level.  Even in the cleanest surgical wounds, the wound bed can be a challenging place for the cells that heal wounds to establish a foothold and proliferate.  This is particularly true if the patient has underlying comorbidities that impair normal wound healing (e.g., diabetes, vascular disease, etc.).

The polyelectrolyte matrix in Microlyte® Matrix is one-of-a-kind.  It is extremely thin but it masks the disorganized surface chemistry of the wound bed and provides a template for cells to facilitate granulation tissue formation and wound healing.

Synthetic and Bioresorbable

Microlyte is a synthetic wound matrix. This means that Microlyte® Matrix does not contain any human or animal derived tissues or cells, so it does not possess the risks inherent to allogenic and xenophobia genie products.

Microlyte® Matrix is also composed of a resorbable polymer–polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).  PVA, which is on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “generally recognized as safe” list, is a component of many drug formulations, cosmetics , and personal care items.  In Microlyte® Matrix, PVA absorbs wound fluid and helps maintain a moist wound environment.

The components of Microlyte® Matrix either get sloughed from the wound as it heals or are excreted by the body through normal processes.  That means that once your wound is healed, Microlyte® Matrix is gone.

Hydration and Healing

Maintaining a moist wound environment is critical for proper wound healing. Decades of research show that wound heal three to five time faster when kept moist. There are several specific ways that maintaining moisture at the wound bed help:

  • Wound healing take less time
  • Wound cells (keratinocytes) function more easily
  • Autolytic debridement is facilitated
  • Decreases incidence of wound infection
  • Preserves growth factors in wound fluid
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Reduces Pain
  • Reduces Scarring

The hydrophilic polyvinyl alcohol resorbable polymer component of the Microlyte® Matrix, keeps wound moisture where it is needed—at the wound bed—to further support wound healing.

    Clinically Proven Treatment

    UltraMIST® Therapy is a clinically proven treatment that delivers low-energy ultrasound to your wound. A fluid/saline mist is used to deliver the ultrasound, so there is no direct contact to the wound. Unlike most wound products that just treat the surface, the sound waves of
    UltraMIST Therapy penetrate into and below the wound to promote your normal healing process.

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