Partnering with AIM

AIM is much more than simply a provider of advanced biologics and therapies for Wound Care – our entire program from product acquisition through insurance reimbursement is uniquely positioned to redefine the dynamic between a Wound Clinic and a manufacturer or service provider. AIM leverages our access to capital as a way of passing on savings to our Partner Clinics and promotes the following outcomes as repeatable and demonstrable:

  • Eliminating Overhead Cost for Wound Grafting – after confirming a prospective patient’s active and approved insurance plan, AIM funds the entire graft cost for our Partners. We only invoice for payment AFTER the graft is reimbursed, allowing our Partners to see strictly profit and free up their own budget
  • Increasing Profitability with Revenue Share – Once the office receives reimbursement and is invoiced for repayment, AIM offers a Stark-compliant rebate program leveraging language set forth in Medicare’s Value-Based Program directive which provides guidelines for rewarding Practitioners on a pay-for-performance basis. Our ROI calculator will demonstrate +500% increases in Net Revenue over all major ASP-based wound grafts on the market today!
  • Professional Billing and Coding Support – While many large clinics are already staffed with a Billing team, many private offices are spending a tremendous amount of time trying to manage this aspect of their business and simply don’t have the expertise to remain up-to-date with this ever-changing landscape. AIM offers billing and coding services that can be isolated strictly to our own wound care product submissions, but can also be applied to every single insurance billable aspect of your practice. Please Contact Us for more details and to be set up with a free consultation.

WoundFix™ is a human tissue allograft, intended for homologous use as a wound covering in the management of acute and chronic wounds.

WoundFix Product Benefits

Provides a
native human
placental ECM

Various sizes minimize graft waste & cost

Omnidirectional (apply in any direction)

Adheres to
wound bed without fixation

FastActing® Technology

Treat you Patients with the Advantage of Natural Tissue Engineering

Closure Rate

Lower Extremity Wound Study Highlights

Kerecis Omega3 is intact fish skin rich in naturally occurring Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. When grafted onto damaged human tissue such as a burn or a diabetic wound, the material recruits the body’s own cells and is ultimately converted into living tissue.

Key Technical Advantages


No cultural or religious barriers to clinician/patient acceptance

Easier to use, with larger, thicker sheets (no need for multi-layer grafts)

Non allergenic and bio-compatible

No known risk of disease transfer

Enhanced cell proliferation and vascularization

Improved infection control

Adjustable rate of absorption into the surrounding tissue

Clinically Proven Treatment

UltraMIST® Therapy is a clinically proven treatment that delivers low-energy ultrasound to your wound. A fluid/saline mist is used to deliver the ultrasound, so there is no direct contact to the wound. Unlike most wound products that just treat the surface, the sound waves of
UltraMIST Therapy penetrate into and below the wound to promote your normal healing process.

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