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Athletic Integrative Medicine (AIM) was founded after over a decade of experience in applying Regenerative Medicine therapies in specialties such as Sports Medicine/Orthopedics, Wound Care, Medical Aesthetics, and Integrative Medicine clinics. These technologies are being used by some of the world’s biggest Pharmaceutical and Device companies and there is documented evidence of safety and efficacy for a tremendous number of applications, yet in many ways the expansion of this industry has been hindered by the likes of larger lobbying groups that have a vested interest in restricting access and altering information made available to Physicians. I have dedicated my career to advancing the field of Regenerative Biologics by helping to promote the most advanced technologies as early as is safe and efficacious, while insisting on an intimate clientele base that allows me to maintain the highest service possible for all aspects of implementation and office support.

In a very brief professional biography, I will share my motivations for having pursued the field of Regenerative Medicine so directly and purposefully.

Like most employees early in their careers, I carried the “corporate bag” of products with passion and excitement. After all, helping people improve their daily experiences in life was something I had enjoyed in my athletic training days, so getting to now interface with Physicians and to have even the most minor impact on the curriculum of care was quite an honor.

Initially, my experience with Depuy Mitek Sports Medicine was the perfect transition from athletic training and I quickly became clinically relevant in the world of soft tissue repair. This was also where I had my first exposure to Regenerative Medicine in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma, an experience which clearly resonated with my interests. Simultaneously I was asked to carry a new-to-market wound graft called TheraSkin, which provided a different vantage point into the mechanisms of action surrounding cellular reprogramming, inflammation reduction, and tissue regeneration. Slowly I began to build relationships with other medical professionals, manufacturers, and Physicians that provided a diverse data set of information that eventually coalesced into my involvement at the forefront of the Stem Cell industry.

It quickly became obvious to me that there were two issues that I would routinely encounter and eventually set out to address directly which would become some of the founding rationale behind Athletic Integrative Medicine:

  1. Having open access to information and awareness of newer, more effective technologies while being restricted to offering only what my employer was manufacturing caused a moral and ethical dilemma for me both personally and professionally.
  2. Discussing these newer and more effective technologies with Medical Professionals and discovering that the barrier for entry is not lack of interest in patient outcomes, nor lack of desire for an enhanced financial position, but rather lack of access to pertinent, credible information and reliable sourcing.

I knew that the model being promoted on the manufacturing/distribution side of the Device/Pharma model was broken and ineffective at creating trust and long-standing relationships with end-users. I saw that the need was there for someone to act essentially as an “investigative journalist” on behalf of these Physicians and to focus specifically on obtaining reconnaissance information from all available manufacturers and interrogating each of them with microscopic detail and integrity. This becomes even more important in a Regenerative Biologics industry that has such little self-regulation in defining/promoting clinical terminology and validating the existence of active ingredients – things that busy Physicians simply don’t have time to become subject matter experts on.

Enter AIM – a company defined by intellectual property with a foundation of professional guarantees:

  • We are an independent distribution channel with clinical opinions formed by objective data and industry experience. We will ALWAYS adapt with the most advanced biologic technologies and provide the appropriate clinical rationale for application.

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