AIM has played an instrumental part in introducing Regenerative Medicine therapies to the Medical Aesthetics market, from initially helping to launch the Vampire procedures in Northern California in 2016 to addressing Hair Restoration therapy with various biologic additives. We have been a part of several microneedling and plasma device launches, and have even been involved in a MOHS study to create a more advanced healing modality that reduced healing time and hypertrophic scarring.

Today, our offerings are more advanced than ever and are constantly being updated to include the best available resources for some of the most popular procedures in Aesthetics and Dermatology:

  • Skin Resurfacing
    • Fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity
    • Scar revision
    • Pigmentation correction
  • Hair Restoration
  • Sexual Wellness
  • MOHS Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery

Whether your interest is in redefining what actual platelet RICH plasma is, or if you are looking to take your practice to the next level with clinically advanced levels of growth factors and regenerative properties – you will not find a more transparent portfolio of products all validated with significant data.

Be sure to schedule a consultation to discuss strategic marketing and proper positioning to ensure the most effective product applications and further enhance your ROI!

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    Quality Products at the Best Price

    We offer quality PRP products that produce a higher yield- at a lower cost- than other manufacturers.  MedShift is a leader in PRP products and services. By offering a wide range of products including:

    – Centrifuges
    – PRP Tubes
    – PRP Accessory Kits
    – PRP Training

    MedShift is with you at every step of the
    PRP process.

    Benefits of MedShift PRP

    Simple to Use


    Higher Volume per Draw

    =Best Value per Yield


    Produces High Concentration and High Density PRP


    Flexibility with Range of Sizes

    12mL and 30mL


    Reproducible Concentrations

    from Consistent Platelet Campture


    Best Value per mL


    Balanced pH

    due to Low Hemocrit/Removes 99% of Contaminating RBC’s

    Clinically Proven Treatment

    UltraMIST® Therapy is a clinically proven treatment that delivers low-energy ultrasound to your wound. A fluid/saline mist is used to deliver the ultrasound, so there is no direct contact to the wound. Unlike most wound products that just treat the surface, the sound waves of
    UltraMIST Therapy penetrate into and below the wound to promote your normal healing process.