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Athletic Integrative Medicine is a Medical Consulting and Supply Chain network with a specific focus on Regenerative Biologics and Medical Devices. We also provide training, education, and legally-vetted marketing support to help our Partners maintain compliance.

This declaration of intent formed organically over years of support for and engagement with some of the most innovative technologies and passionate minds in the medical field. These industry specialists have demonstrated overwhelming evidence that the Practitioners who are the most dedicated to the success of their patients all yield the same repeatable results:

· They routinely have the best patient outcomes

· They sustain long-term success in their practice

As a Partner of AIM, our promise to you is that we provide you with all the clinical, technical, and educational support necessary to properly execute on this mantra to obtain the highest level of repeatable results for your patient population and experience lasting success as a business owner.


But there is something else.

Our Partner’s practices bring humility, gratitude and joy to their work – the result of which transcends medical metrics. Patient success begets Practitioner success.

“Do No Harm” means more than avoiding a poor outcome. That oath embodies the profound responsibility of all parties involved in patient care to use every available resource to ensure the safest and most effective result as efficiently as possible given the circumstances.


Our Promise

As Partner in your commitment to this oath, AIM believes our obligation is twofold:

1.) Provide the most scientifically advanced products through a constant evaluation and update of portfolio offerings.

2.) Service each of our Clients as though their practice was our own

Every patient represents a life journey and deserves the best guidance and skill set available. Your pledge to those deliverables is what inspires our vow of excellence to you.


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